Nov 1, 2012

Vegetable Garden Beds

Vegetable Garden Beds - Crop Rotation

I have been doing some research into crop rotation in my vegetable garden beds after having my cabbages literally bombarded with whitefly!

Although I must say, the ladybugs are doing a really good job of cleaning up their eggs.  However, after much reading I have come to realise that the crops in my vegetable garden beds do need rotating from year to year in order to keep the garden producing consistently healthy plants.

It seems simple enough, now all I have to do is section off my garden into 4 individual beds. I don't exactly have a vegetable garden bed "layout" as such.. it's more of a cottage style garden at the moment.  But all that's about to change.

The more I garden... the more I love it!

Vegetable Gardening - Crop Rotation Chart

There are lots of complicated charts and diagrams out there, however I really don't have the time to study them. But, I did come across a really simple chart from the ABC's "Gardening Australia" site on crop rotation.

Vegetable Garden Bed - Crop Rotation Chart
Picture from the ABC's Gardening Australia website

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