Dec 29, 2010

Aunty Aranka's Tepertős Pogácsa (Crackling Scones)

The Hungarian "Pogácsa" can only be translated into English as a "Scone".  However Pogácsa are usually savoury and are great with a good glass of wine or a cold beer!  (Not for the kiddies of course, a glass of milk is fine too ;) )

This one is made with Tepertő, there are other Pogácsa made with cheese or butter or both. Tepertő is made by rendering small pieces of pork fat until they turn into crunchy bits of crackling. For this recipe you mince the crackling and add enough lard to make it spreadable. 

My Aunty Aranka made these for me the other day, I haven't had these Tepertős Pogácsa (Crackling Scones) for many years.  They brought back all sorts of fond childhood memories. All the women in my family including my Mum & my Grandma used to make these when I was young as well.

I had never really forgotten how delicious they are, so I'm very grateful my Aunty took the time to physically remind me of how they're made. The process is generally the same as for making puff pastry, so whilst it's easy enough, it is a little time consuming.

Now, there's no denying they are bit decadent as you use lard & pork crackling to make them.  But are they worth it?  DEFINITELY!! 

These are an absolute "must try" at least once, but I assure you, once will never again be enough ;).. Enjoy!

Check out the Video below, here we can see exactly how Aunty Aranka handles the pastry. She's telling me (in Hungarian) how it's good for the young ones to learn to make these old fashioned recipes... and I agree.

I hope you have a bit of fun with this Pogácsa recipe...

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