Aug 15, 2012

Old School Corned Silverside

Recipe by Carol Bond

My friend Carol was kind enough to let me publish her Grandmother's delicious Corned Silverside recipe. You simply must try this! Thanks Carol! xoxo

... This is a grand mothers recipe, extremely tasty for a meal at the end of a cold day.

It is best to use the Eye, as it is known, a clean piece of corn silverside that does not have a thick fat skin on it. For with this dish, the meat is to be boiled so less fat means a much healthier dinner.

There is a formula you must use when cooking the perfect silverside and it is all about the weight of the piece of meat you are using.

It is safe to say, that each person should be given around 200 grams of meat for a healthy serving.  It also depends on whom you’re cooking for as well: some people like to eat more than others.

You must also be aware, that meat shrinks when it is being cooked, so please, think of this before buying.

Let’s begin, as an example I will write out how you would work out the cooking time, for a piece of corn silverside when cooking for a family of 4 people.

First, go to a butcher, and ask for a piece of corned silverside (the eye if you can) and request a piece between the weight of, 1.200kg and 1.350kg.
When you are home apply the following formula to the weight of this meat, this will determine the time your silverside must cook for.

The weight of the meat is                            1.345kg
multiply the weight by                                   X   2.4
This totals                                                    3.228

Now in translation the end figure means, that for every full number (3) your meat must cook for a total of 1 ½ hours (A half an hour to every full number)

As for the .228 – I would add an extra 15 minutes.

Always add an extra half an hour onto you cooking time.

The total time of cooking is 2 ¼ hours.

Place meat into a large pot and cover with water, put a lid on it and set it to boil.

Let the water come to a boil and let it bubble away for a few minutes. Drain this water.

Now cover the meat again with water, but this time add a tablespoon of vinegar (I like to use apple cider vinegar) and put in a Bouquet Garni (A sachet of herbs)

And cook for the allotted time of 2 ¼ hours.

Serve with mash potatoes and vegetables of your choice. Traditionally a white sauce is poured over the served meat, but I like a honey mustard sauce with my meal.

From Carol B – August 2012

PS. Please check out her website..

Edith's note:

I used the following fresh herbs from my garden: Flatleaf parsley, thyme, oregano, 2 bay leaves & a slice of fresh lemon peel.  And I added a few black & white peppercorns.  It was super delicious.. the meat was very tender, in fact it is the tastiest corned silverside I've ever had!

Also, for the gravy I made a simple wholegrain mustard seed & black pepper gravy, thickened with a roux & a little gravox for colour and I used some of the cooking stock to thin it out a little and add more flavour.  Even if I say so myself (lol).. it was really good!

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