Mar 1, 2013

Dió és Csokoládés Kuglóf - Walnut & Chocolate Cake

Recipe - Written in Hungarian 
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Dió és Csokoládés Kuglóf - Walnut & Chocolate Cake Recipe

Beat 4 egg yolks with 1 cup sugar.

Slowly drizzle in 1 cup of vegetable oil.

Beat the 4 egg whites to stiff peaks in a separate bowl.

To the egg yolk mixture add: 

2 cups self raising flour - add 1tsp baking powder
1 cup milk 1 cup grated walnuts
1/2 cup grated chocolate

Lastly, gently fold the stiffly beaten egg whites into the cake mixture.

Pour into a greased, fluted ring mould.

Bake in a moderate oven until a metal skewer comes out clean.

The above Kuglóf (Cake) recipes are usually baked in this type of ring mould tin.

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