Aug 31, 2012

New "Veggie Patch" Segment

Organic Rocket (aka Arugula)
I have just added a new segment called "The Veggie Patch".

Nothing much beats fresh herbs and vegetables from your own garden. Especially if grown organically.  Following my Father's tradition, I make my own compost and only use organic fertilizer, mainly poultry and some mushroom compost.

Whenever possible my veggie garden only gets watered with rainwater from the tank. And I avoid the use of pesticides. Instead, I am on a mission to try to practice complementary planting. For example, planting marigolds, nasturtiums etc to keep whitefly and other pests away from my crops.

I still have a lot to learn so any tips you may have would be much appreciated.

An enormous veggie garden would be ideal :D... however, if all you have is a small patch for your veggie garden or a place to plant some herbs & vegetables in pots... it can be so rewarding! And healthy too!

Happy gardening!

Visit The Veggie Patch page .. HERE

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