Hello and Welcome to Mum's Family Recipes!

I am attempting to compile all my favourite family recipes that have been handed down to me from the generations before me, as well as recipes I have gathered along the way from extended family and friends from all over the world.
As I have had a keen interest in cooking since I was about 8 years old, I have been collecting family recipes which I would like to share with my children as well as with those of you who have an equal love of family and tradition.

As a young child in Europe, I grew up with the cuisine of the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as the delicious foods my German Grandmother used to make for me. My partner in life is Italian, and I had learned to cook many of his family recipes taught to me by his mother.

We moved to Australia when I was 8 years old and from that time on I was introduced to good solid Aussie tucker, as well as a wide array of Asia-Pacific cooking that had been gaining popularity.  In fact, a Chop Suey dinner was quite glamorous and fashionable at the time!

More than 20 years ago, as my children were growing, it was a very different story here in Australia.  We were just 'unfolding our culinary multicultural wings', so to speak. Spaghetti & Chinese takeaway were well accepted by this stage, however many other "ethnic" cuisines were still a big mystery.

My parents were always avid home gardeners, and at that time, in the early 1970's my school friends weren't allowed into my back yard as I was too embarrassed for them to see all the "weird" vegetables such as Butter lettuce, Yellow string beans, flat string beans, chillies and the like growing there! Ironically, most of the vegies my parents grew are now considered "gourmet"! Talk about bad timing. 

Although I have continued to cook the traditional foods of my central european childhood, I have also adopted many other recipes from an array of international cuisines that are now prevalent here, as they have so much flavour and interest to offer.  We live in a highly multicultural society here in Australia and therefore continue to be exposed to interesting foods from around the world on a daily basis.

Given my own background, I wanted to expose my children to as many cultural food experiences as I could in order for them to develop a good appreciation of not only the wonderful cuisines, but also the rich cultural heritage of those around them.

As you can imagine we continue to enjoy a very colourful array of cuisines in our household!

I believe that cooking traditional family recipes keeps the many generations closely connected to their own heritage. And, by exploring and adopting the cuisines of our multi-cultural neighbours we are able to share a very personal connection with them through foods they grew up with and still enjoy.

I hope you enjoy making and sharing my family recipes.

Cheers on your own food journey!

Edith xoxo

Family Recipes