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Gluten Free Recipes

Finding a decent gluten-free (GF) bread recipe that actually resembles bread or a pogácsa recipe that won't break your teeth is literally... like finding a needle in a haystack!!

As I now have a couple of people in my family that have either been diagnosed with celiac disease or are highly gluten intolerant I've tried sooo many recipes. But alas, without much success until I started to do some research on what characteristic each GF flour contributes to baked goods.

Now we're getting somewhere!

Firstly, however, I highly recommend that you make your own Gluten-free flour blend. I know it's easier to buy it pre-made, but it may not produce the same results. Not to mention.. it is riduculously expensive to buy!

The ingredients are fairly easy to find at most middle eastern/Asian grocery stores, some supermarkets or online if necessary.

Edith's Amazing Gluten-Free Flour Mix

This is an all-purpose flour blend that is particularly suited to baked goods, but also makes a lovely roux (Hun: rántás) for thickening gravies, sauces etc.

Gluten-Free Cheese Pogácsa (Hun: Sajtos Pogácsa)

Yesterday I made over 200 gluten-free cheese pogácsa for my Aunty's 80th Birthday party. They were soooo delicious... you couldn't tell the difference!! In fact, in my humble opinion, they were far superior in flavour and texture to the regular wheat flour one's!

The closest I have come to describing what a pogácsa is... is a savoury scone that's usually nibbled with a drink. They are hugely popular in a lot of Baltic countries but particularly in Hungary.

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