My Mum used to say she didn't really like to cook... but that she liked to eat well!

She really did have a point... A good eater does make a good cook!

Her pastries & cakes were definitely something special.

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For my non-Hungarian readers, I have translated some of the recipes so that you and your families can enjoy them too.

Hun: Jó étvágyat kivánok!

Eng: Wishing you all a good appetite!

as the French say... Bon appétit!

European Family

Being of central European heritage, my family is mostly of Hungarian and Germanic descent on my mother's side and Hungarian and perhaps Polish and even Croation (?) on my father's side.
Mum and Dad's parents and grandparents all lived in and around Titel in Serbia, and eventually some moved away to other towns and even other countries such as Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, the US and Australia.

For now I will mainly focus on exploring history and recipes from the family that I was born into and know. 

Mum's side still mainly live in the village of Titel. While Dad's side live in the larger town of Temerin.

Titel, Serbia

Titel is a small but very old settlement, it was even used as a fortress under Roman rule!

In the 9th century, Bulgarian duke Salan ruled in the territory of Bačka and his residence was in Titel.
In the 10th century, the area was conquered by the Kingdom of Hungary, which ruled over it until 1526. The town was first mentioned under name Titel in 1077. Between 1077 and 1095 the Catholic monastery was founded in the town... (Source: Wikipedia 2016,

Temerin, Serbia

In written documents, Temerin is mentioned for the first time in 1332 in the receipt by the pope, issued to Laurentius de Temeri, parish priest, for the payment of pope’s tax. In this time, Temerin was part of the Bacsensis County within the medieval Kingdom of Hungary... (Source: Wikipedia 2016, )

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